80kidz Announce This Is My Works Tracklist

80kidz announced the tracklist for their remix collection This Is My Works over at their blog. No Metric rework in sight, but plenty of good tunes nonetheless.

The Shoes / Knock Out (80kidz Remix)
Crystal Fighters / I Love London (80kidz Remix)
Numero / J’aime La Bourgeosie (80kidz Remix)
autoKratz / Stay The Same (80kidz Remix)
Ladybirds / Andy Lex (80kidz Remix)
CSS / Left Behind (80kidz Remix)
tHe pEneLOpe[s] / Stuck In Lalaland (80kidz Remix)
Futurecop! / Class Of 1984 (80kidz Remix)
Hey Champ! / Cold Dust Girl (80kidz Remix)
Quiero Club / Let Da Music (80kidz Remix)
Benjamin Diamond / Baby’s On Fire (80kidz Remix)
Black Kids / Boyfriend… (80kidz Remix)

This Is My Works drops December 16.

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