80kidz Remix Fight Like Apes: “Lend Me Your Face”

Well here’s a complete curveball – 80kidz’s latest remix, of Fight Like Apes I-will-beat-the-shit-out-of-you “Lend Me Your Face,” forgoes the trio’s usual dancefloor-approved production for…a John Waters-worthy emotional rocker. The track eventually builds up to a club dance beat, but for most of it’s four-minute-plus duration sticks to a slower moving guitar-centric sound reminiscent of M83’s Saturdays = Youth ’80s conjuring sounds. 80kidz somehow make threats like “I want to cut you with glass/Haven’t got such a pretty ass now” sound downright wistful against the backing music. A nice twist coming out of the always productive 80kidz camp.

Lend Me Your Face (80Kidz remix) by rubyworks

In other 80kidz news, the group will release a new track featuring CSS this January as part of a Tower Records (they still exist in Japan!) compilation album. Read all about it here (Google translation this way).

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