Oh So Quiet: Predawn

The music of Tokyo’s Predawn really shines because of all the things you don’t here. Consisting of just guitar, subtle drums and smooth as pearl vocals, Predawn’s songs avoid pointless indulgences and allow these folk tracks to stretch out all their own. On the recorded version of the excellent “Tunnel Light” (available on the recently released Ten Minutes With Predawn EP or over at MySpace), the bedroom production becomes extra clear, but the relative lo-fi-ness of it all doesn’t come off as a gimmick but rather as another signifier of how lovely Predawn’s music sounds. It’s entirely pleasant but also completely absorbing.

One response to “Oh So Quiet: Predawn

  1. Predawn is great! I love her voice and simple, refined style. Her work with andymori ( in “Aoi Sora”) and Eccy (in “Out of Blue”) steals the show! I have to get the EP =)

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