Cosmic Home: “まばたき”

Cosmic Home solely shine because of their singing. It isn’t that the duo lack good beats or a great music video – the rinky-dink electronics do their job despite sounding a bit too Wii start-up menu, and the five-minute clip certainly charms. Yet those two elements of “まばたき” pail in comparison to Cosmic Home’s dual-voice threat. Neaux praised them for their “megaloud singing,” but I’m more wooed by the child-like nature of it. “まばたき” is a pop song through and through, and not just the catch-all kind of pop. It’s a J-Pop tune — the feel-good electronics should have revealed that — done on an indie budget. Lacking the cash necessary to digitally bolster their voices, Cosmic Home opt to just sing the hell out of the song. They sound less than perfect (or maybe just “pop” perfect) but those little tiny errors come off as endearing. And when the two members lock together in rising voices, the results are spectacular. Cosmic Home have a few good qualities, and one that is excellent.

One response to “Cosmic Home: “まばたき”

  1. “dual-voice threat”

    -very well said! That is right on the money.

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