Video: The Telephones Point The Finger On “Kiss Me, Love Me, Kiss Me”

In which The Telephones decide to become the Japanese Killers, and not just because lead singer Akira Ishige makes some dramatic pointing motions a la loveable bag-o-wind Brandon Flowers. I’m not talking about the whole “are we human, or are we dancer” debacle, I mean the version that managed to pump out awesome rock songs peppered with waves of synth. “Kiss Me, Love Me, Kiss Me” sounds massive – it might just be the electronic shimmer running underneath the song or the echoey vocals, but those elements lend this track a sense of bigness. As Shen over at SparkPlugged points out, The Telephones hold onto some silliness via the video’s finger puppets and accordion appearance – not to mention that goofy-in-a-good-way outro – helping them dodge all the self-serious pitfalls that doomed Las Vegas’ finest (sorry Panic At The Disco).

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