Sweet Sample Size: Chocolatre

Here is a special behind-the-scenes factoid for ya – I’m always kinda hesitant to post bands offering just song snippets. You can only gather so much from 40 seconds of a track. The music of Chocolatre, though, resonates sweetness even in bite-size pieces. The trio makes super sunny pop ala Three Berry Ice Cream, except with Kirby’s Dreamland electro-bloops launching the music even higher. “Flying Piano” would probably sounds plenty poppy propelled only by the piano strokes and sugarey harmonizing, but the electronics tickling the belly of the song give it an extra dose of pep. Same goes for the slightly slower paced “つめたいこというから” and the jazzy “なんだかいいかんじ.” Chocolatre’s songs, all off the recently released tot mini album, are pure desserts, but nothing wrong with a little confectionary overdose. Plus, it’s just a sample! Listen here.

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