White Scooper, Nu Clear Classmate Remix Nu Clear Classmate

Nu Clear Classmate EP Lick The Star is out now, and possibly to celebrate this two remixes of tracks off that album are available online. Good On The Dancefloor pals White Scooper tackle “Causeless Pain” and spoon out the darkness of the original. In it’s place…something resembling minimal techno which casts the once paranoid track into a much more upbeat light. They even work a good-time guitar into the middle of it all. Listen to that take here. Elsewhere, Nu Clear Classmate themselves redo “I Know I Know.” Once again, the shadowy edge of the original song gets cast away for something a bit more light. On this version of “I Know I Know,” some sentimental keyboards and bits of strings give the song a more airy atmosphere…but still manages to hold onto the insecure vibe of the original. Take a listen….here.

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