New IMALU: “Uh Uh”

One of 2010’s better J-Pop surprises has been IMALU. Her song “そんな名前 欲しくないよ” has been one of the best singles of the year thus far, it’s mix of feel-good pop rubbing against her rather ennui-rich voice. Now she follows that number with “Uh Uh,” the title track to an upcoming film I know nothing about and complete with a video that would have slayed at your 4/20 party. “Uh Uh’s” a bit brighter than it’s predecessor, riding a positivity-train beat complete with goofy Journey aping guitar solos. Locked in with IMALU’s still-great singing, this song is borderline too feel-good, and a little too candy coated. Yet the folks behind this manage to squeeze in one subtle mood changer – the piano popping up come chorus adds a nice hint of melancholy to this otherwise Ritalin-ed up tune. And some of IMALU’s English lyrics…in particular “lend me your shoes, lend me your teeth,”…are a little unsettling. “Uh Uh” doesn’t knockout like her last single (slightly sad beats stupidly happy any day, probably should see a therapist) but that’s a might high bar to leap over, and IMALU has delivered a very enjoyable song here.

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