La Blogotheque Head East: Shugo Tokumaru And Tenniscoats Do “A Take Away Show”

Two of Japan’s best musicians got a chance to shine on one of the Internet’s best live-music shows this week. La Blogotheque’s genius “A Take Away Show,” where bands perform stripped-down songs usually in public places, featured Shugo Tokumaru and Tenniscoats performing in the streets of Tokyo. Tokumaru, who managed to sneak a new LP into stores last week, also managed to perform one of the tracks from that album, “Linne,” while wandering about one of the more suburban areas of Tokyo. Having not heard the album version yet, I don’t have a frame of reference for his “Take Away” version…but based on the above clip, “Linne” is one of the sweetest sounding songs Tokumaru has ever composed. Folksy duo Tenniscoats, meanwhile, hang out near a train track to perform a lovely rendition of “Baibaba Bimba.” They turn a whole bunch of things along their path into percussion (railing!) and generally appear charming as heck. Watch it below.

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