New Meg – “Secret Adventure” And “Gray”

Another day, another Yasutaka Nakata-produced electro-pop track. At this point, every act Nakata touches ends up baring similar sonic hallmarks – no-free-space electronics joined by digitally manipulated vocals. Meg’s “Secret Adventure” single features all these markers and, like most of Nakata’s work with Perfume and Capsule, sounds like an absolute computer-generated ear worm. It’s not quite as manic (read: great) as either of Perfume’s latest bangers but the more laid-back structure does suit Meg’s less-hurried voice. All in all, another catchy bit of busy-pop from Nakata and Meg.

B-side “Gray” doesn’t bring quite the same pop of “Secret Adventure” – the production sees Nakata breaking out one of his roomier “slow” works which always come up just a bit short compared to his more zooming constructions. Still, “Gray” works as a nice bit of 80s-inspired pop and knows just when to make an exit. Listen below.

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