Rough Drink: Crystal Soda

Shoegaze follows a pretty standard formula – go crazy with the guitars, to the point where the vocals get lost in the mix. Crystal Soda, like it’s namesake, attempts to change up the routine ever so slightly. But with much better results (R.I.P. Crystal Pepsi you were too good for this world). “Daybreak” features pretty much untouched guitars chugging along, a nice sound. Enter the vocals, which have been manipulated to sound like they are buried under a sea of feedback…but with none of the actual fuzz. Coupled with the general Ian Curtis-vibe the lead singer gives off, “Daybreak” becomes a bizarre inverted shoegaze track that’s strangely compelling. Giving a listen to another Crystal Soda song, “Sigh,” helps foster more appreciation for “Daybreak.” That songs avoids the vocal trick, and ends up sounding like a poor-man’s My Bloody Valentine.

Listen to “Daybreak,” “Sigh,” and a pretty cool-and-trippy instrumental here.

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