New Boom Boom Satellites: “Back On My Feet”, “Drain” And, Uh, An Entire Album

Did you realize Boom Boom Satellites will have a new album on sale in stores tomorrow? May 26? Ahhh, those little surprises that make the week a bit more interesting. The new full-length, To The Loveless, boasts two songs with videos at the moment, both posted below for your viewing pleasure/influence whether or not you drop the dough on an album when you can spend it on dog food.

My thoughts: First single “Back On My Feet” comes off pretty good, taking a Prodigy-like beat and allowing the Satellites a fuzzy canvas to spray their slightly psychy brand of modern rock all around. The track gets better as the music becomes trickier, especially when the wall of strings enter in. “Drain,” meanwhile, just sorta sucks. Whereas “Back On My Feet” uses the heavy digital vibe as an active ingredient, “Drain” just throws in some glitchy noises in order to say “hey, look we aren’t making cookie-cutter J-Rock with a cringe-worthy rhyme scheme because we got computer noises and shit!” Unfortunately the layer of glowsticks scattered above “Drain” doesn’t hide the fact it’s not a very compelling track. Stick to the first song.

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