New Lillies And Remains: “Devaloka”

Lillies And Remains don’t have the idea of “timing” down perfectly when it comes to getting good. “Devaloka,” a new song from the band’s forthcoming Meru EP, basically sounds like a slightly more energetic Interpol. Had the band conceived of this song sometime in the immediate months following the all-around thud of Our Love To Admire, they might have been able to grab some attention as “being a better Interpol than Interpol.” Unfortunately, The Horrors beat them too that one. Still, with Interpol seemingly out of the game, LaR could have grabbed a little of the market share…their lead singer sounds just like Paul Banks! Alas, Interpol are back with a new album this summer. Doesn’t erase the fact “Devaloka” stands as a big step forward for the band, this being miles better than their earlier, less exciting sound. I just hope they didn’t miss a chance to get some attention.

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