New Cubismo Grafico Five: “Chukit”

Cubismo Grafico (along with his Five) have always struck me as a little fun-loving and at times goofy. But…heart on sleeve? I first thought “Chuckit,” from Cubismo Grafico Five’s new album Double Dozen, could be a bit of gag – it’s all “We Are The World” unison singing complete with a video that opens up in front of waves crashing in on a beach. Tim And Eric skit incoming right? But…Cubismo Grafico Five don’t milk this, but rather build on it, adding more voices until my stonewall emotions are breached and I admit it’s a really simple and beautiful track. The synth line lurking in the background deserves a special shout-out, a weird mix of downtrodden and hopefulness. Album’s out on July 7, and something tells me it’ll go great with a viewing of Toy Story 3.

2 responses to “New Cubismo Grafico Five: “Chukit”

  1. neauxclicks

    It makes me want to join hands and sing out “I’d like to buy the world a coke!”

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