Good Theme Park Name: Foreignland

Probably important to point out right away that Foreignland will not appeal to everyone out there. A bit of a cop out on my part, yes, but seriously…if you hate poorly recorded rock music that at times absolutely comes unglued, turn back now. Really, what liking Foreignland comes down to is how much you value enthusiasm over pure talent. This music rarely sounds “good” in the sense that the band showcase how trained they are. But boy does this stuff drip with energy, the “fuck it, let’s make music” attitude indie once stood for. If sloppy rawness doesn’t beat practiced genius in your book, Foreignland won’t be lasting long on your computer.

For the rest of you…Foreignland! This is ugly, like-chewing-gravel garage rock full of off-key singing and feedback typhoons. “Fall In Stereo” finds the band upping the intensity of a Nuggets garage rocker via (at times literally) screeching vocals, as does the surprisingly catchy “Who Who Chorus Baseball.” “Michael Barkson” moves at a slightly poppier pace what with its squanky keyboard line, but abandons most of that come the grungy chorus. The head-spinning “Black Magic” sounds like a flowery 60’s LP melted in the sun and became a thousand times more sinister. What the band lacks in virtuosity they more than make up with in breathless energy, throwing ideas out and making them happen. To some it might sound off-putting, but for others it’s absolutely heartwarming. Listen here.

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