New Perfume Video: “VOICE”


Something something critics miss the point of Perfume something something.

Anyway, “VOICE” is a new Perfume single meaning you know exactly what it sounds like and you shall either love it or hate it. That said, the trio’s latest seems to be their weakest 2010 output yet. A bit misleading considering their last set of songs killed it, but even for a Yasutaka Nakata production “VOICE” sounds…phoned in? Like every Perfume song ever “VOICE” boasts a monster chorus but the parts between just seem pleasant. Some of this trepidation might be stemming from how different B-side “575” sounds. That song hints at interesting new places…”VOICE” finds Perfume in the same catchy territory as usual.

This might also be the first Perfume single in a while where the video completely bests the song. They go on some sort of goofy adventure involving human Tetris and pictures of themselves. It’s pretty great. Watch it above.

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