Christopher Wade Remixes Perfume’s Last Two Singles

Hey, haven’t blabbed about Perfume enough this week have I?! This time, we revisit the trio’s earlier 2010 singles, as American producer Christopher Wade remixed both “Fushizen Na Girl” and the pop knockout “Natural Ni Koishite.” The prior gets slowed down a bit, Perfume’s once darting vocals sliced into neon-drift sounds. Whereas the original zipped by, Wade’s mix lets all the prettiness of “Fushizen” envelop the listener while offering teases at the chorus but keeping us waited. It’s an excellent reworking that lets us look at a great song from a new angle.

“Natural Ni Koishite,” meanwhile, goes under a similar slow-down makeover that makes it sound vaguely like Chicago house (well, at least like the few Frankie Knuckles’ tracks I’ve heard in my lifetime). I’m digging the way he takes the fluttering electronics of the original and uses them to add some lightness to his take, cool move. It’s a good rework, but I’m so mad about the original – one of 2010’s best J-Pop singles – Wade’s take just makes me want to hear the original. Chalk “Fushizen” as the clear winner here.

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