New Beck And Cornelius: “Katayanagi Twins Vs. Sex Bob-Omb”

And my vacation comes to a close. Starting now, expect regular updates once again.

Most people (but not enough to top Sly Stallone, it seems) got excited about a Scott Pilgrim movie because one of the more clever comics of recent years would hit the big screen. I didn’t really care until it came out Beck and Cornelius would work together on a song for the film’s soundtrack. Now the finished product is online. Considering how similar the two are…I distinctly recall Cornelius being called “the Japanese Beck” back in the day…it’s tough to figure out was responsible for the spacey bleep-bloops and who handled the driving guitar bits. Regardless, this is a fun little track, albeit one more enjoyable as a geeky “their forces combined” sort of thing. Plus it instills some false hope the two will work together more. Hey, if Scott Pilgrim can hit cinemas…

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