Let’s Count How Many Space Words I Can Fit In A Paragraph about Avengers In Sci-Fi’s “Delight Slight Lightspeed”

It seems like human laser light show Avengers In Sci-Fi have been grounded for quite a bit, but conditions have cleared up just in time for a new single. Tongue-twisting “Delight Slight Lightspeed,” presented in clip form above, teases a mission into Coheed & Cambria-lite territory before blasting off into interstellar rock featuring the band’s usual electro-tinged effects. No complete findings can be recorded until we make contact with the full version, but the sample here offers great promise of an out-of-this-world single. Expect the whole jam to drop on September 8.

(I count…eight or nine, depending on whether you consider laser light shows to be more NASA than Pink Floyd.)

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