Miila And The Geeks: “Cigarette And Water”

Not sure who The Geeks joining Miila on this new song are exactly, but they can stick around. Miila…one half of twee-crunk party starters Love And Hates, and a great solo artist…has always erred towards crunchy garage-rock (see her 2010 Valentine’s gift to the world “Give Me A Chocolate”), but her sound gets even more mixed up on “Cigarette And Water.” It starts off simply enough – fuzzy guitar lines butting up against Miila’s vocals, which all makes for a shambling romp of a song. Then things take a turn towards cacophony – the song sort of breaks apart and a…saxophone?…enters into the picture and gets absolutely wailed. Whoever plays it makes no attempts to produce any pleasant sounds, instead screeching out some noise that makes an already rough-around-the-edges track even grimier. It’s pretty great. It comes off of Miila And The Geeks’ new 7″ EP out now. Listen here.

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