Something Coming Through: KAFKA’s “-1cm”

The line between “noisy and melodic” and “just plain loud” can be a tricky one to tightrope – just ask KAFKA. The majority of songs available for listening here try to impress with pure pummeling sound. Guitars wail away while the lead singer subs out anything resembling pleasant singing for a howling screech meant to be confrontational. However, new track “-1cm” stands out for actually finding a way to make peace between screeching music and something resembling melodic structure. KAFKA clearly studied up on the Sonic Youth discography before creating a MySpace, and it’s on “-1cm” they get the hang of that famous band’s ability to to craft excellent indie-rock while still retaining the noise they got famous for. KAFKA’s early tune “8カウントマン” hit on something similar, but that song still tries to be clever with the lyrics. This new track falls somewhere between Sonic Youth and, oh, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. Catchy but certainly not wimpy. Listen here.

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