Puffyshoes Prep New Cassette, Finally The Weekend

Rejoice owners of cassette players and/or really old Toyotas. Cutesy lo-fi sirens Puffyshoes have a new full-length coming out on the supposedly outdated medium this month, March 15 to be exact. Finally The Weekend features 10 tracks, some sporting very Puffyshoes-appropriate names like “I Want A Boy” and “Backstage Pass.” They also have the intriguing “Tokio (Dedicated To Gagakirise).” Here’s the complete tracklisting:

01. Baby Kiss Me
02. Tokio (Dedicated To Gagakirise)
03. I Want A Boy
04. Better Say Goodbye
05. Changed
06. Secrets
07. Backstage Pass
08. Oh Yeah
09. Jacky Jones
10. Dear My Friend

Buy the thing here. Watch clips for the songs “Baby Kiss Me” and “Jacky Jones” below.

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