Heavenstamp’s “Morning Glow” Gets New Video

Heavenstamp’s excellent single “Morning Glow” gets a proper video instead of the iTunes visualizer treatment it originally had. The new clip takes people involved in what should be everyday situation and transforms them into dancing fools who move in this really unnerving way, like they might be made out of paper. You also get some moody shots of the band and some sort of bird flying in the sky. Thanks to Neaux for posting this first, dude is on this stuff.

Regardless of what visuals play out in the YouTube box, “Morning Glow” remains a personal surprise of 2011. It’s a bit of a shock because of how simple the actual music is – this is meat-and-potatoes rock music, all the usual instruments producing a jaunty melody that’s light and sweet but hardly something requiring complicated instructions. Yet…and maybe I’m just letting my personal life blur into this…”Morning Glow” stands out because of how damn optimistic it sounds. The new video simultaneously backs me up and dashes it – look how sad the singer looks but also check out all that silly dancing and the symbol-heavy ending – but I’m ultimately just being swayed by the simple sounds which are the sorta fluffy-but-forward-moving sounds one needs when just turning on the TV or browsing online classifieds. Or maybe it’s just those dang impressive vocals.

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