Dream Where You Live: Pastel Blue

Every recording done by Pastel Blue available here features the words “homerec demo” squeezed into parenthesis at the end of the title. Though this initially would seem to indicate the group’s financial situation above all else, it serves as a good way to describe the Osaka band’s overall sound. This is immensely dreamy stuff, blanketed by drifting guitars and obscured vocals easily tagged “shoegaze.” And, at times, that label warrants being pulled out, as on enveloping highlight “Sea Saw Song” or the tundra-melt of “Low-key.” Yet Pastel Blue also indulges in some more playful, simple moments, embracing indie-pop skip on the Pains Of Being Pure Of Heart-ish swirl of “Evenithing.” It’s the most enjoyable track here, the playful twee-shadings reminding the world The Jesus And Mary Chain once released singles for Creation Records. “Rainy Sunny” treads similar territory but bears more obvious signs of being a demo, the main vocals sticking out from the rest of the song (which sounds quite charming). Though it would be interesting to hear how Pastel Blue would handle themselves in a professional recording studio, I also don’t think it’s all that vital. The personality misting out of these demos shouldn’t be touched.

Listen to another, poppier song below.

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