Nuxx Did A Whole Bunch Of Stuff, Mostly Remixes

Ambitious move or a bit cocky? Those are the only two options I’m going to accept as to why tech-rock trio Nuxx went and made remixes for songs they haven’t even released officially yet. The group has been relatively quiet since releasing last year’s triumphant debut Sound Ache, only offering up two samples of new songs. Now, they’ve gone and remixed at least one of those. Despite only existing as a demo up to this point, Nuxx give the world an edit of the song “Ring Of Pop,” This take makes the song more electro-house friendly, wiggly synths and big, loud noises combining to make a floor banger without losing the pop sensibility the group pulls off so well. They also offer up an “Edit-the-world” mix of something called “Unlimmiter,” which sound very close to one of the weaker, male-led tracks from Sound Ache run through the “floor-crowding” filter.. Rounding out this pyramid of new/old jams is a remix of Nuxx’s excellent “Journey To The West,” here labeled “Before The Journey.” This re-imagining envisions the perfect electro-pop of the original as a more tradition electronic dance floor, the immediacy of the original cut back for more noise. It’s like having a perfect piece of chocolate cake, and then slicing said dessert up into smaller chunks and covering it in sprinkles. Still tasty, but completely uncalled for. All these songs seems to come off of a self-remix disc out soon. Listen here.

One response to “Nuxx Did A Whole Bunch Of Stuff, Mostly Remixes

  1. Zully Pineda

    First things first. I LOVE your blog! I’ve listened to over 100 Japanese indie,pop,and hardcore songs. This is in the past 2weeks. O.O I don’t know why but I am in LOVE with all these “new” artists. (or @ least new to me) Before this, I was very much into the whole Visual Kei scene. Which I still love but after listening to Zazen Boys, Momorurugyaban, and Red Bacteria Vacuum *sighs* I can’t go back to listening to it just yet. Your blog is so insightful and great in me finding more and more artists to listen to. That being said I really like these new remixes that nuxx have made. I don’t know if my whole techno hearing/tastes are off, since according to a lot of people i’m crazy for not obsessing over dubstep. :/ Keep it up! ❤

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