Ensemble Cast Of The Self: Zana Caroline’s “Looksmelltasteheartouch” Featuring Kaki

This came up when I Googled the song title

This came up when I Googled the song title

This one gets a little confusing. Zana Caroline and featured guest Kaki are actually the same person. A visit to her blog…which boasts the same run-together name as this song…reveals that Kaki is in her words “my alter ego that I created one year ago when I came back from Japan and I was unemployed and really bored.” She fleshes the character a bit out from there and reveals she has recorded five songs under this disguise (this being number one). Got all that? Regardless of who sings what, “Looksmelltasteheartouch” ends up being a particularly intriguing bit of electro flirting. Slinking along on fuzzy blasts that would feel welcome in an 80kidz track, Kaki coos stuff like “there are two types of fools living in this world/those who dance, those who don’t.” She gets a little more anxious as the song progresses, mirrored by the backing music being joined by Pac-Man bloops and other flashy noises that spice up “Looksmelltasteheartouch” considerably. Whoever is responsible for this slinky little number deserves some credit.

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