Let’s See What 99 Letters Has Been Up To! Remixing Enter Shikari, Posting It To The Internet

Osaka’s 99 Letters is a pretty prolific dude, so for this blog to go almost four months without writing about a new 8-bit piece of madness is pretty staggering. Like lover’s with packed Tivos, we just sort of got distracted. Looks like 99 Letters has started filming himself playing his Game Boy and posting the results to YouTube in a series called “Bassxxxment Chip.” He recently posted volume four in the series, which you can watch in its entirety above. Glad to hear that 99 still pumps out blippy-bloopy doses of manic dance music, hear boiled down into one frantic 10-minute stretch. This “Bassxxxment Chip” installment features a remix of Enter Shikari’s “Faithless” (which was already a cover of a Faithless song, so a lot of levels going on here) along with one of his originals. You can access previous episodes on 99 Letter’s blog, including one where he remixed Deadmau5, probably best know now for ruining Epic Meal Time. 99 Letters hasn’t ruined any of my Internet programming, so he’s still cool in my book!

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