Hope It Lasts: Dominika’s “Eternal Spring”

The other day we talked about Kidz Rec member Baroque and his pulverizing anti-matter dance music. On the opposite end of the label’s sound spectrum sits Dominika’s “Eternal Spring,” a sliver of a track leaning closer to ambient than dance save for the most delicate of beats. It’s not without precedent – “Eternal Spring” sounds similar to what 80kidz did on last year’s excellent Weekend Warrior, except made even more minimalistic. Dominika layers fluorescent synths that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Gas record over a beat before adding the song’s signature sound, a glassy steel drum noise. To drive the emotional core of “Eternal Spring” Dominika sprinkles a sample of children playing and laughing beneath everything else, lending the song a sense of authentic nostalgia. This isn’t “oh man, look at my Nintendo belt buckle” fake memories, but almost as if she can see childhood memories playing out in front of her through the mist of time. If Baroque aims to make the walls seem closer than they are, “Eternal Spring” offers a wide-open field to make you feel a little better.

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