She Talks Silence Preps New Album Some Small Gifts

About one year ago, the mysterious lo-fi artist She Talks Silence released her debut album Noise & Novels, a monochromatic sonic snapshot of solitude that ended up being our favorite record of 2010. Needless to say, we now wait anxiously giddy like kids on December 20 for the arrival of her follow-up, the six-track Some Small Gifts. This album features the previously heard “Dead Romance,” which last year was a special release but now finds a permanent home amongst five never-heard-before tracks. Listen to “Dead Romance” here.

1. Not Hearing
2. Bedflower
3. Vanished Vacances
4. Dead Romance
5. Fragment
6. Some Small Gift

It’s out on the 29th of June, preorder at Jet Set.

2 responses to “She Talks Silence Preps New Album Some Small Gifts

  1. It’s very good, although I haven’t heard Noise and Novels to compare it. Aren’t STS a band rather than a solo artist though? At least the promo photos for the new album give Minami and Ami equal status. Although Minami has been known to play solo. I’m not sure now…

  2. acrosstheseaandback

    I’m pretty sure she was going solo for Noise & Novels, but it is completely possible she expanded it into a band now. You’ve got the promo pics, so I’d say that is pretty good evidence. Good to know, thanks!

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