New AAPS: “Invisible Sophisticated”

CUZ ME PAIN has been having a pretty busy month. Faron Square released a new album, and the mysterious label also plans on releasing four-track seven inch record highlighting music from the likes of NITES, Atlas Young, :visited and Melancholic Masculinity. Not to mention Jesse Ruins has become a bit of a blog darling in the past few weeks. Lost from all of this buzz appears to be AAPS, PAIN’s most versatile artist (back in the day, dude dropped something like dubstep!). Yet this project seems to just be a little quieter about its releases – AAPS posted the new song “Invisible Sophisticated” back on May 22 onto his Bandcamp. This new number actually finds AAPS jumping in a little bit on the recent Jesse Ruins obsession, woozy synth work encircling a ghostly vocal sample. A little like “Sofija.” With one big difference – “Invisible Sophisticated” comes off as a bit more dancefloor conscious, with its foot-friendly beat and that chilled out piano. If Jesse Ruins wants to put a scare in you, AAPS wants to soundtrack a club night for those ghosts from Super Mario Brothers. Listen below.

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