New MacDonald Duck Eclair Video: “Tip Tap Mac”

Cute spazzballs MacDonald Duck Eclair have a new video for the Lite-Brite hop of “Tip Tap Mac.” The clip features a lot of lit-up items, some cubes and a fair helping of cuteness (not surprising considering that band name). Watch it below.

Thanks to SparkPlugged for posting that first.

I already wrote up my thoughts for the album over at The Japan Times, but I think it’s worth mentioning again THIS is everything I wished that new EeL album could have been. Whereas For Common People hoped an assortment of cling-clanging randomness would make up for a lack of good music, MacDonald Duck Eclair incorporate flashes of chaos alongside catchy songs. “Tip Tap Mac” holds back on the appropriate Atari Teenage Riot comparisons, opting instead for a Polysics-like number heavy on the pop. Not a standout on Kono Tokimeki Ima Sugu but still a good number. A sneakily good album, this one.

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