New PLASTIC GIRL IN CLOSET: “Pretty Little Bag”

In which PLASTIC GIRL IN CLOSET score the iconic scene from American Beauty where some people watch a plastic bag blowing in around before calling it “life affirming” or something something. I mean, this COULD score such a mundane happening – the genres called shoegaze afterall, named after the literal fact people would just stare at their kicks while the music played. “Pretty Little Bag” features all the trademarks of that sound done to an almost mockumentary-like level, so if you’ve ever seriously called something “shoegaze” without flinching this will probably interest you. Not to mention it isn’t a bad tune – PLASTIC GIRL IN CLOSEST always make sure to add some prettiness to their guitar hypnosis. It’s also not terribly memorable, a cute tune worth a couple spins but ultimately as exciting as…a bag caught in the wind.

One response to “New PLASTIC GIRL IN CLOSET: “Pretty Little Bag”

  1. I’ve got a soft spot for shoegaze. Always thought the term came from all the effects pedals the bands used, which meant they were constantly staring at their feet during gigs. In any case, the term’s very evocative of a certain kind of indie attitude. And where would indie be without a bit of pretentiousness?

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