Controlled Karaoke: Perfume Meets perfume444

Remember perfume444? For a split second a few months ago, the dude who recorded videos of himself geeking out about Japan’s premier techno-pop Pixie Sticks Perfume became a slight meme for a “creepy” video he did. This resulted in a series of videos that, honestly, oozed with a type of earnestness that barely exists in the badlands of the Internet. Seriously…I understand why people would make fun of the guy but I’m also drawn to his total lack of irony amidst a digital sea of cheap humor often bordering on the mean spirited (hell, half the time I don’t even know if what I write on Twitter is what I believe in).

Well, in what serves as a rare happy ending, perfume444 says he managed to meet Perfume at the Cars 2 premier in Hollywood and he made a video about it. Yes, you do have to turn off your lolz sensors for this, but at the heart of it is a guy actually achieving one of his dreams and being pretty ecstatic about it. Watch it below.

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