90’s Formula: Honeydew

So who do these guys sound like? Yo La Tengo? Sorta like The Smashing Pumpkins? Kinda like Britpop? “Indie music?” Tough to call, but they come off as definitively 90’s as a flannel-clad dude drinking OK soda. Thing is…that’s OK! Everyone is running back to that Clinton-tastic decade…you read a (bafflingly postively) Yuck review? Or what about The Pains Of Being Heart, who got the guy who produced The Smashing Pumpkins to work on their new LP. Honeydew aren’t quite as obvious, but still can easily be linked to 90’s indie pop courtesy of laid-back pace and lots of guitars. “Little Rusty Lemon” stands as the obvious highlight, a catchy bit of breezy music either about twee-tastic love or a literal, shitty car (or both???). Simple stuff, but effective all the same.

“Heavy Rainy Day” veers a little heavier (louder), but follows the same fine blueprint. Again, pick your own 90’s reference point, but don’t forget to enjoy the music.

One response to “90’s Formula: Honeydew

  1. Thanks for the blog!! We are going to release our debut album “don’t know where” in August 18th, 2011 from small finger records. Please check our websites for updates and live information!! http://honeydewmusic.com/

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