Writing About Turntable Films And Predawn (And Others) For The Japan Times

Today in The Japan Times, you can check out a story I wrote about Turntable Films, Predawn and a host of other exciting folk-leaning artists in Japan today. I’ll let the article do the talking.

Since we are here, let me give a rapid-fire review of Yellow Yesterday, Turntable Film’s proper debut album. It’s really good! The trio can certainly lag at times – I like M. Ward, but the Etch-A-Sketch version they do of his sound that pops up sometimes isn’t a good look for them, too hammock-like – but the highs on this disc are fantastic. “Misleading Interpretations” manages to be clever and catchy, while the new version of “Collection Of You” flexes muscles I never thought these dudes had. The clear standout…and one of the best songs of the year so far…is “Animal’s Olives,” which I yack about for an extended period of time in the above article. Stunning, right up there with “2Steps.” Watch the video for “Misleading Interpretations” below.

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