New Rapunzel8083: “Soul Scream” UPDATE

The first time I listened to Rapunzel8083, it was a seven-minute song zipping all over the place, an interstellar epic told in under ten minutes. “Soul Scream” sounds “epic” in a different way, not defined by technical length or the same criteria used by a large chunk of the Internet (“just ate an epic DQ Blizzard YOLO”). No, this sounds like a three-minute version of the Tale Of Gilgamesh, the sort of epic noise reserved for a Roman emperor or at least a legend. Or, like, Khal Drogo from Game Of Thrones. The big draws of “Soul Scream” are the Middle-Eastern samples, from the throaty vocal sample to the music surrounding it. Rapunzel8083 lets these huge sounds dominate the song, save for the weird touch of what sounds like two people clearing their throats to one another. Every epic needs small details, though. Listen below.

UPDATE: Welp, the above song isn’t online anymore. Rapunzel8083 did post another…briefer!…track, which you can hear below.

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