Radio Friends Release EPs, Featuring New Songs

Radio Friends have released a few songs here and there over the past Spring, but now they’ve corralled those tunes into two (very brief) EPs. We’ve written about the indie-pop loving group’s songs “Sometimes” and “Want Of Order” before, and now both track have been blown up into EPs with one new song tacked onto the Want Of Order EP for good measure (the other comes with the previously posted downer “You Can Make Me Sad”). The freshest track is called “Anywhere,” and like “Want Of Order,” it leans heavy on the fuzz to mask the ennui-dipped vocals. Also like “Want Of Order,” the guitars dart through and do all the emotional punching, being just as wrenching as whatever the group is saying. I mean, just check that little solo after the chorus. Get both EPs for free here.

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