Sapphire Slows Remixes LA Vampires By Octo Octa: “Found You”

The 100% Silk label…a relative of American imprint Not Not Fun… are set to start touring around Japan soon, as this handy YouTube video lays out. To celebrate, they’ve released a special 100% Silk CD, featuring some remix work from Sapphire Slows (who is signed to Not Not Fun). She takes on the song “Found You,” originally a collaborative effort between singer LA Vampires and the producer Octo Octa which is a lovely bit of minimal, throbbing disco. Sapphire Slows’ take, unsurprisingly, lets the edges of the song blur together a bit more, LA Vampires’ vocals hanging around a bit longer after each line and sometimes swirling over itself. Her “Found You” remix features plenty of the elements found on her releases, but Slows also makes sure the song still moves, this long-playing track tailored for the dancefloor. Listen below.

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