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Christmas Music Round-Up: Love And Hates, Twee Grrrls Club, Cubismo Grafico, EeL

It’s Christmas Eve in Japan, and a handful of artists are getting into the spirit with special sonic holiday gifts or mixes. Rap-happy duo Love And Hates celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in typical Love And Hates fashion – by covering a song called “I Wanna Kill.” To their credit, they add plenty of bells and yule-tide glee to the Crocodiles tune, making this track seem at least a little Christmasey. Download it for free here, or listen below.

Yuppa and Moe of Love And Hates also shared some of their favorite twee-leaning Christmas tunes over at the Twee Grrrls Club blog, along with the other members of the club. Check that out here. Member Sumire also made a holiday mix, which you can listen to hear.

Sticking in Tokyo, Cubismo Grafico put together a special collection of cover songs from a variety of artists. You can download this special collection here for free.

Last, pop spazz EeL thanks everyone who supported her over this year with a free song entitled “Snow World Under The White Moon.” It’s very nice. Get it here, and also trip out to the Rudolph footage playing in the background.

Happy holiday from Make Believe Melodies, may it be great for you! Thank you for reading.

New Chabe (Cubismo Grafico): “White Cube” And “Rewind (Holiday 91)”

Last year Matsuda Gakuji’s Cubismo Grafico Five project released their best album to date, the accurately titled Double Dozen, which mostly abandoned restraint in favor of 24 rapid-fire tracks bouncing from pop-punk to reggae to art rock. It was a messy triumph, a group of artists embracing madcap energy to craft a dizzying collection of music. A year later, the ever-restless Gakuji plans to release a solo record titled Me. on March 16 under his nickname Chabe. He’s posted two tracks from said effort online, and they hint at Me. being an appropriately more meditative affair, the jerking madness of CG5 set aside in favor of something more enveloping.

“Rewind (Holiday 91)” finds Chabe alone, surrounded by minimal beat and an ocean of drones. It’s not quite a New Age chill-out spa…he injects just enough kick and weirdness to keep this from Enya territory…but whereas his various output under the Cubismo Grafico umbrella tend to be outward blurts, “Rewind” turns the attention inward. The track’s foggy quality makes understanding the lyrics tricky, but I think I hear something about being “lost at sea” and the general feel here sounds just like that, being adrift and having only yourself for company. A bit more punchy but still pretty subdued is “White Cube,” a lush jog through a tropical rain forest. Though still wrapped up tightly in warm synths, “Cube” skips along and features a legitimate chorus. There’s still something very reflective about it but Chabe knows to also throw those looking to dance something as well.

Cubismo Grafico Remixes Matias Tellez

Cubismo Grafico and Matias Tellez must have hit it off at the Flake Records show earlier this month. Grafico remixed Tellez’s “Convicted,” giving the Norwegian artist’s poppy tune a dancefloor punch. Tracks up at Flake Records MySpace, check it out.

The Fliers Work: Cubismo Grafico Five

I passed what appeared to be a bowling alley in Osaka this morning when I noticed a bulletin board holding a bunch of fliers advertising various bands. I grabbed one and have since started researching the various groups pictured on it. The very first group I Googled turned out to be a winner – Cubismo Grafico Five. The first song on their MySpace page, “Left Right Up Down,” is spastic and unpredictable, bringing to mind American act So Many Dynamos.

That track serves as a sort of genre red herring though…Cubismo Grafico Five’s other MySpace songs hop-scotch from downtempo ska numbers to math rockish joints to covers of “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” and, uh, “Pomp and Circumstance” (the song they played at your graduation). This band seems slippery to classification. Another standout track “Mini Microphones” indicates they might be a more laid back version of fellow J-rockers Zazen Boys – both can hitch themselves to a groove and explode into something new at any given second.

A little poking around reveals Cubismo Grafico Five is a sort-of spin-off project devised by Gakuji Matsuda a.k.a. Cubismo Grafico. Matsuda’s solo work veers more toward electronics and samples (the Five provide him an opportunity to proper rock out) and his sound still can’t be pinned down easily. Plus, he big-ups Girls on his blog, so he’s cool in my book.