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Seiho Remixes Florence And The Machines: “You’ve Got The Love”

In which producer Seiho takes the stage-show swagger of Florence And The Machines’ “You’ve Got The Love” and warps the titular line into a mantra prone to bending. Calling this a remix seems a little off, because Seiho only lifts the vocals out of the original, and only a few lines at that. I don’t blame him – the original seems over the top, and besides Florence and her Machines place just as heavy an emphasis on those four words in quote marks. Seiho shoots for something more chilled out, leaving plenty of space between his beats and synth, allowing Florence’s voice to pop up at a nice clip, sometimes in the mutated form the Osaka producer has become associated with. Listen below.

New INNIT Mix Features Magical Mistakes, Taquwami, Avec Avec And A Bunch Of Other Folks We Love

First, I was working on something that talk a bit about the year the acts associated with INNIT have been having this year, and hopefully that will pop up later this week. So apologies if this isn’t as hyperbolic as it could be.

That said…oh man listen to this. In advance of their July 1st event at Osaka’s Grand Cafe, INNIT has gathered some new tracks from old and new collaborators alike, resulting in one hell of a mix. So much to go over here I’m just going to use bullet points, sorry!

– Avec Avec’s “Hot Things” make me want to make a “you bet it’s hot!” joke of some sort, because here’s Avec fully embracing the cartoon-charm that colored his great tracks from 2011. He distorts several vocals to the point they are tripping over one another, while the music splinters off on its own trip. Listen to the way those laser synths popping in midway stretch the track out like taffy. Incredibly gooey in the best sense of the word.

– Taquwami’s “2 Luv Again” which…fuck, just listen to those strings. Super happy to see Taquwami hooking up with these guys, especially if showstoppers like this are the end result.

– Magical Mistakes “Its Cold And Beautiful” which sees a heart-tugging guitar line emerge at the center of the song, while everything around it stutters off in 3-D. A lovely follow-up to “Running Water.”

– Seiho’s “Kiki & Lala,” which is the closest Seiho has come to making a slow jam…albeit one that sounds like it is trying to defy gravity… except for the hyperspeed portions which dart through the center twice. Yet Seiho always sews the track back together.

Also includes good stuff from And Vice Versa, Jemapur and Los Angeles’ Teams who will be making a guest appearance at the next INNIT event. I’d say this is essential listening, so do so below.

New Seiho: “So Far”

Seiho posted this new song, “So Far,” yesterday, and it is definitely worth your time. It is the first track of his in a while not to feature some sort of mutated vocal sample – here, he just lets his electronics warp themselves around into a really colorful beat. Listen below.

New Seiho: “Ask”

Seiho has proven he’s capable of a lot over the past few months but man, I didn’t see something like this coming. “Ask” straight-up slinks, Seiho creating his sexiest tune to date. In the hands of a lesser artist, that ColecoVision bass and those occasional neon beats I associate primarily with Keith Sweat’s “Make It Last Forever” would have been enough, silly 80’s artifacts drizzled over GarageBand and the end mess being good enough to warrant a song. Seiho twits those noises into something that isn’t cheap nostalgia, the young producer using these vintage sounds as building blocks to something more daring and full of Seiho’s modern-day touches – warped vocal samples, mostly. Like, remember when Snoop Dogg had that song where he was intentionally being cheesy and using a talkbox? This is the opposite of that, and a whole lot smoother. Listen below.

Self-Promotion Plus: Writing About Pictureplane For The Japan Times

This weekend, American dance-punk artist Pictureplane will play two Japanese shows this weekend, one in Tokyo on April 6 and one in Osaka on April 8. In advance of that, I wrote about Pictureplane for The Japan Times today. You can read that here.

The shows themselves look to be really good too. The Tokyo show, at Seco Bar, also features CUZ ME PAIN acts Jesse Ruins (who just released a heavyweight remix) and Faron Square who will be playing new material. The Osaka show, at Nuooh, includes Hotel Mexico and Seiho on the undercard.

New Seiho: “”

First off, that’s some majestic accompanying artwork pictured above. So many microgenres packed into a single image!

Second, I am in a bit of a woozy state from spending 16 hours in planes today, so don’t expect anything smart about this, another burbling slice of post-dubstep electronic music from Osaka’s Seiho. Like most of his releases this year, “” thrives on mismatches – shiny keyboard glaze over dizzying synth swirls that rub up against a vocal sample seemingly dowsed in Nyquil…all while a dance-friendly beat bumps on forward. I hope Seiho and Neon Ghost have hung out, I think they would be great friends. Listen below.

Make Believe Mix For February 2012 Featuring Occult You, Seiho And Super VHS

This month, the Make Believe Mix shuts the curtains and stays under the covers as we feature mostly bedroom artists from all over Japan…and beyond. The ability to make, record and distribute music by yourself has been great for artists who would otherwise never get exposure, and this scene has taken off in Japan in recent years. This month’s mix opens with Occult You (who you might also know as Taquwami) and their lovely “Cassette Girl (Minami),” before heading out west to Kansai to check in on Day Tripper Records mastermind Seiho and his mind-scrambling new song “Evening.” We stay in the region to meet up with Cat Statues, a project made by Benjamin Landau as a means to document his time in Osaka, and listen to the song “Trappers/Palace.” Then we jet to England, because Kero Kero Bonito live there. “But wait, they aren’t Japanese!” Astute, but their track “Ms. World” features Mayu Tanaka on vocals. Rounding things out, producer OMEGABOY and lo-fi pop architects Super VHS.

Below is a list of artists and songs appearing in this month’s mix, in chronological order. Click the links to read more about them and find out how to buy/get their music. All artists featured gave me permission to include their music in this mix.

Occult You “Cassette Girl (Minami)” – From the Psychic Feelings EP. Free download here.

Seiho “Evening” – New online track. Visit Day Tripper Records here.

Cat Statues “Trappers/Palace” – Online track. Visit his blog here.

Kero Kero Bonito “Ms. World” – Online track. Get here.

OMEGABOY “Rustyslide” – Online track. Get here.

Super VHS “Remember The Night” – Online track. Get here.