R.I.P. – Rei Harakami

Kyoto-based electronic musician Rei Harakami has died at age 40. According to music website Natalie, he died of a brain hemorrhage yesterday.

Harakami made his debut in 1997, releasing a self-titled EP on Sublime Records. The following year they released Harakami’s Unrest, his first full-length album. He released seven albums over his career, along with several EPs and various remixes. Harakami performed at Fuji Rock Festival, Rising Sun Rock Festival and Sonar Sound Tokyo during his career. He was scheduled to play this year’s Summer Sonic with Akiko Yano, who he had been collaborating with as Yanokami for several years.

Below are several of Harakami’s songs from over the years, including one track from the Yanokami project.

5 responses to “R.I.P. – Rei Harakami

  1. I’m going to miss him so much! Thanks for post and the songs!

  2. What a shame for electronic music… May he rest in peace

  3. its been really difficult to find out more about this not being an english speaker… so thanks. i’m a big fan of rei’s but i’d not seen him live. i finally decided that i would see him at the liquid room in tokyo on august 29th (i live in vancouver)… and only after three weeks found out he’d passed away.

    tonight i played his cd’s all night… and my beautiful three year old daughter was about to go to sleep when she said “papa, i like that music”. i hope rei heard that.

  4. Wowww…just heard of Rei’s passing away…what a shock; what a loss for the electronic music scene!! I love, love, love his style soo much and enjoy the utter unique beauty & raw energetic swirling fullness of it and feel very priveliged to have come in contact with such an awesome stellar japanese SoundMeister.
    Will continue to enjoy his amazing soundpieces…
    Love & light to his friends and family.
    Rei Harakami…You are The shit!!!…Forever!!
    Rest In Peace ; ))

  5. Its always a big gift for the musicworld to had people like Rei Harakami here on earth. His music is so unique and beautiful intelligent what he did with electronic music. Thany so much Rei for what you did. We love you whereever you are now !!!

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